Domus Pacis Stia

Domus Pacis Stia - Stia - cover - beds

Experience a warm and friendly environment at Casa di Accoglienza Domus Pacis in Stia, Tuscany, offering comfortable and affordable accommodations for pilgrims along the Via di Francesco trail.

Pastor Angelicus

Pastor Angelicus - Chiusi della Verna - cover - bed

Experience tranquility and spiritual rejuvenation at our welcoming guesthouse, situated near the sacred Monastery and Sanctuary of La Verna.

Suore Oblate Guesthouse

Suore Oblate Guesthouse -cover-outside2

Discover a tranquil haven in Florence, where a beautifully preserved 15th-century Medici palazzo offers cozy rooms, enchanting gardens, and spiritual activities.

Sacro Eremo di Camaldoli – Foresteria

Sacro Eremo di Camaldoli

Find solace at Sacro Eremo di Camaldoli, a peaceful haven for pilgrims on the Via di Francesco trail, with unique accommodations and spiritual growth opportunities.

Foresteria del Santuario della Verna

Foresteria del Santuario della Verna

Immerse yourself in the rich history and breathtaking beauty of Foresteria del Santuario della Verna, situated in the heart of the Tuscan mountains.