• Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta: Romanesque-Gothic church with ancient frescoes
  • Castle of the Guidi Counts: impressive medieval mountain fortress
  • Local delicacies: Casentino ham, goat’s cheese, and mushrooms
  • Oratory of the Madonna delle Calle: historic pilgrimage site


Discover Montemignaio, a charming hilltop village in Tuscany’s Casentino region, nestled among the lush, fir tree-covered hills. As you wander through this tranquil town, you’ll feel connected to the spirit of St. Francis, with the surrounding landscape inviting reflection and appreciation. Montemignaio is also known as the village of Christmas trees, thanks to its environmentally-friendly fir tree cultivation.

739 meters

Culture & History

Montemignaio’s history dates back to the Counts Guidi, who built the Castle of the Guidi Counts and the Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta, a church combining Romanesque and Gothic elements. The town’s ancient roots are evident in the well-preserved medieval structures and winding streets.

Tradition runs deep in Montemignaio, with local products such as Casentino ham, goat’s cheese, and mushrooms continuing to be popular among visitors. Chestnut flour is a key ingredient in many local recipes, reflecting the importance of chestnut trees in the region.

Events & Festivals

During both winter and summer, tourists flock to Montemignaio to enjoy the picturesque setting, seasonal events, and delicious local cuisine. Keep an eye out for events celebrating local traditions and plan your visit accordingly, making sure to book accommodations in advance.

Churches & Sacred Sites