• Bus junction for Camaldoli, Badia Prataglia, and Chiusi della Verna
  • Marvel at glazed terracotta reliefs in the Church of San Lorenzo
  • Explore the 15th-century Palazzo Dovizi, home to Cardinal Bernardo Dovizi
  • Visit the enchanting Rococo-style Oratorio of San Francesco
  • Discover the remarkable art at the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Sasso


Nestled in the heart of Casentino, Tuscany, Bibbiena is a picturesque town perched on a hill at 425 meters above sea level. With a rich history dating back to Etruscan times, this captivating town offers a unique blend of ancient and modern. The lush surroundings feature beeches, larches, and fir trees, setting the stage for a tranquil pilgrimage. Bibbiena’s historic center houses remarkable artistic treasures and is closely connected to St. Francis, making it an essential stop for pilgrims on the Via di Francesco trail. Pilgrims who want to bus to Stages 4, 5, and 6 will want to arrive in Bibbiena by train, then take the bus to their preferred stage.

Off Trail
425 meters

Culture & History

Bibbiena’s history stretches back to the Etruscan period, with its medieval town still well preserved today. Home to important religious buildings such as the Church of San Lorenzo and the Pieve di Sant’Ippolito, this town bears witness to its vibrant past. The Palazzo Dovizi, built by Cardinal Bernardo Dovizi, showcases the town’s Renaissance legacy.

Bibbiena is known for its traditions and folklore, including the historic Carnevale della Mea, tracing its roots back to 1337. This annual carnival celebrates the medieval legend of the Mea and is marked by the propitiatory rite of the “beautiful apple” on Shrove Tuesday.

Events & Festivals

Every year, Bibbiena hosts the “Sagra delle Sagre,” a day in June when various festivals from the Casentino valley come together in the historic town center. During this event, accommodations may be in high demand, so book your stay in advance to ensure a comfortable visit.