Signage and Trail Markers
on the Via di Francesco

Signs of the Trail

Trail markers and signs come in a variety of sizes, locations, and symbols throughout the Via di Francesco. Great care must be taken to stay on route, especially in forest stages. We strongly encourage all pilgrims to rely on official or guidebook GPX maps for wayfinding.

Symbols & Colors

Trail Markers of the Via Di Francesco

The symbols and colors of trail markers vary throughout the trail. 

Tuscan Stages

Florence to La Verna
Stages 1-6

Tuscan stages are marked with two horizontal lines in red and white, or a yellow tau symbol. 

The red and white lines match the colors of the Club Alpino Italiano (CAI), which manages and marks trails throughout Italy.

No Signs or Trailmarkers in Florence

Florence does not allow for markers to be painted or installed on the historical walls of the city. 

Pilgrims will not see a trail marker on the trail until they’ve nearly left the Florence city limits.

See the gallery here for examples of Via di Francesco trail signs on Tuscan stages.

Umbria Stages

La Verna to Assisi to Rieti
Stages 7-24

Umbria uses street signs with town name and its distance in kilometers, plus two horizontal lines in yellow and blue. They also use the yellow tau.

Lazio Stages

Rieti to Rome
Stages 24-28

Lazio trails are marked with the yellow-blue horizontal lines colors throughout the stages. See the gallery for examples.


How to Follow the Signs and Not Get Lost

Signage, trail markers, and sometimes trail conditions are managed by regional volunteers. 

To uphold the serenity and natural beauty of the forested Tuscan stages, trail markers are used sparingly. 

Additionally, because all CAI trails use the red-white horizontal lines, it’s possible to take a wrong turn off the Via di Francesco and onto an intersecting trail.

We recommend all pilgrims rely heavily on GPS apps.

How to Use GPS App on the Phone
Using GPX Maps while walking is strongly recommended

GPX Maps are Strongly Recommended

Because markings are not always easily spotted, we strongly recommend pilgrims use their phone or a GPS device to follow official GPX offline maps or GPX maps of a trusted guidebook.

See GPX files and recommended guidebook here.

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