Beppino Baggage Transfer



  • Based in Sansepolcro, serves entire trail from Florence to Rome
  • Reliable luggage transport from stage to stage.
  • Enhances journey enjoyment with lighter and more relaxed travel.
  • Flexible service can adapt to different itinerary needs.
  • Accommodates a wide range of luggage types.
Via dei Servi, 25, 52037 Sansepolcro AR, Italy


Enjoy the serenity of your pilgrimage without being weighed down by luggage, thanks to Beppino’s services.

Specializing in luggage transport from stage to stage – Florence to Rome, Beppino provides a flexible, reliable service for those on the Via di Francesco and beyond.

Whether you’re carrying a backpack, cabin suitcase, panniers, or sports bag, Beppino can handle it, as long as it’s of reasonable size.

Thanks to this service, pilgrims can walk freely, immerse in the scenery, and engage with the people they meet without worrying about their belongings.

Operating since 2022, Beppino has gained trust and a solid reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction.


The standard cost is from €10-€15 per piece of luggage, depending on the route. Cyclotourers and bikers are advised to ask for a quote. Custom quotes can be provided for groups and other trails.

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