Trains and Buses
on the Via di Francesco

Trains and Buses

Italy’s public buses and trains stop at many towns along the Via di Francesco. If you plan to start your pilgrimage at a certain stage, follow the directions below.


Trains on the Via di Francesco

Trains in Italy are a great way to travel. However they do not reach most of the mountain stages. You’ll need to take a combo of train and bus to reach the majority of stages on the trail.

Frecciarossa 1000
High speed train from TrenItalia called Frecciarossa 1000 (Red Arrow ETR 1000)

The Trenitalia System

The efficient and enjoyable Trenitalia System connects the following stages:

  • Tuscan
    • Florence – Stage 1
    • Pontassieve – Stage 2
  • Umbria
    • Assisi – Stage 16,
    • Spello – Stage 17
    • Foligno and Trevi – Stage 18
    • Spoleto – Stage 19,
    • Marmore – Stage 21
  • Lazio
    • Rieti – Stage 24
    • Monterotondo – Stage 27
    • Rome – Stage 28

Trenitalia tickets are purchased at automated kiosks in train stations which take cash, credit or debit cards.

They can also be purchased online, although the system requires a membership and identification.

The Local Tuscan Train System

TFT line
TFT line

Tuscany has the small local train system called TFT Train System (Trasporto Ferroviario Toscano).

Riding the TFT

Because the Trenitalia line ends in Stia, Pilgrims will need to switch to bus or the regional TFT line to continue riding public transit.

Pilgrims can take the TFT train starting Stia in Stage 4 to transportation hub Bibbiena, a town with the train station nearest La Verna.

From Bibbiena, can reach Camaldoli, Badia Prataglia, and La Verna via bus.

See our full guide for getting to La Verna via public transportation.

Train Information

How To Buy Train Tickets

For most trains, you can buy your tickets at the station. Many will have automated machines with English translation for ticket selection.

Train Ticket Validation

All train riders MUST validate their tickets BEFORE entering the train. There are typically small stamping machines near the platform to stamp your ticket.

Train officials check for stamp validation regularly. If you are caught with an unvalidated ticket, significant fines are likely.

Train Schedules and Frequency

From Florence

Trains from Florence to other stages ride on the Trenitalia train line. To see the schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Trenitalia website
  2. Choose Departure: “Firenze S.M Novella”
  3. Choose Destination: “Arrezo”
  4. Choose Date
  5. Choose Passengers
  6. See timetable & prices

From Arezzo

To reach Stia or Badia Prataglia, or La Verna, pilgrims will need to ride the regional TFT Arezzo-Stia line starting in Arezzo. The Trenitalia train line from Florence intersects with this line in Arezzo. From there, Pilgrims can reach stations in Stia and Bibbiena, where buses connect pilgrims to Camaldoli, Badia Prataglia, and La Verna.

To see the TFT Arezzo-Stia line timetables, follow these steps:

  1. Click the link for Arezzo-Stia train line timetables
  2. Click the Stia link
  3. Look at the left side of the timetable document

We also recommend visiting Rome2Rio or Google Maps for schedules. It’s possible that schedules will not match these sites, so always double-check at the station.


Buses on the Via di Francesco

Buses are available in most towns throughout the Via di Francesco. 

In some cases, it will be most efficient to combine trains and buses to reach your intended stage.

Buses in Tuscany
Buses operation in Tuscany is Autolinee Toscane. It is clean and convenient.

The Local Tuscan Bus System

Tuscany has a local bus system called Autolinee Toscane.

Popular Pilgrim Routes

Pilgrims can take bus number SI90 from Florence (the beginning of Stage 1) to these towns:

  • Pontassieve – Stage 2
  • Diacceto – Stage 2
  • Consuma – Stage 3
  • Stia – Stage 4

How to Get to Other Stages

Camaldoli, Badia Prataglia, and La Verna are all accessible by bus with transfers.

Pilgrims will need to reach transportation hub Bibbiena to make transfers to most other towns on the Via di Francesco.

How to Get To Bibbiena

Step 1. Take the Bus SI90 to Stia
Step 2. Take the TFT Stia-Arrezzo line or the Bus SI90 to Bibbiena

Then, take a local bus to your intended destination.

For Camaldoli, take Bus LH3 from Bibbiena.

For La Verna, take Bus H11 From Bibbiena.

For Rifugio Casa Santicchio, take Bus H02 from Bibbiena to Badia Prataglia, then take Bus LH5 to the nearest stop, S.P.62 Bv. Pezza Al Km.6,000.

How To Find Your Route & Timetables

  1. Visit Website: Autolinee Toscane
  2. Search for your intended destination
  3. Select Bus stop in dropdown
  4. Once you’ve found your bus stop, click “Scarica gli orari in formato pdf” to see the PDF of the timetables

How to Buy Bus Tickets from Florence

Look for the Florence Bus Station on Google Maps or download a map PDF from the bus website. A good place to start is Hub Autostazione Firenze. There are staff and ticket counter to help you with any questions.

After purchase, walk to the SI90 bus stop (Google Maps) which is about 15 mins away. *Currently the SI90 bus stop is at the Hub Montelungo. But it can change. Please confirm the stop with ticket vendor.

Bus Schedules

Please check the bus website here or use Rome2Rio, or Google Map

How to Buy Bus Tickets on Other Stages in Tuscany

Bus tickets are sold by tobacco shops throughout Italy. Look for signs with a big blue “T”, used to identify tobacco shops.

We recommend using a Google Translate app when buying tickets outside of major cities.

Note: It is rare that a bus driver will sell a ticket.

Bus Information

How To Get From Stage to Stage

When taking a bus from one stage to another, we recommend you to ask the ticket seller to advise you on routes and schedules.

Tickets can be purchased at the tobacco shop nearest the bus stop. Ask the clerk or your accommodations host to assist you in purchasing the right ticket for your destination town.

Tabacchi shop in Bibbiena
Tabacchi shop in Bibbiena

How To Buy Bus Tickets

For tickets from Florence, buy your tickets in the bus station.

Otherwise, bus tickets are sold by tobacco shops throughout Italy. Look for signs with a big letter “T”, used to identify tobacco shops.

We recommend using a Google Translate app when buying tickets outside of major cities.

Note: It is rare that a bus driver will sell a ticket.

We recommend asking the tobacco shop ticket vendor, or checking Rome2Rio or Google Maps for schedules. Always double check the schedule with any printed schedules at the bus stop.