Fire Festival

Festa dei Fochi

Local Tradition


  • Celebrates Badia Prataglia’s church dedication
  • Features a large communal fire
  • Free to attend and participate
  • Connects to local folklore and traditions
Badia Prataglia, 52010 Poppi, Province of Arezzo, Italy
September 7

Occurs annually, evening of September 7


The Festa dei Fochi is a traditional event held annually in Badia Prataglia, Italy, on the evening of September 7.

It commemorates the dedication of the local church to Santa Maria Assunta back in 1008.

The celebration centers around a large communal fire, symbolizing devotion and unity among the townspeople.

The event is deeply rooted in local folklore and traditions, connecting the community with their cultural past.

It’s a free event, and everyone is welcome to join in the celebration, making it an inclusive and heartwarming experience for all who attend.

Event Schedule

The event primarily features a large communal fire in the central square. Exact timings may vary, but the celebration typically begins in the evening.


Festa dei Fochi has its roots in the rituals and traditions of the local agricultural community.

Over the years, the festival has evolved, but the central theme of devotion and unity remains.

The event’s origins can be traced back to the early 11th century when the Bishop of Arezzo dedicated Badia Prataglia’s church to Santa Maria Assunta.

The festival also incorporates elements of ancient pagan practices, where fire was seen as a symbol of devotion to the divine.

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