Running of the Candles

Corso dei Ceri

Local Tradition


  • Features a race with 3 wooden Ceri
  • Each Ceri represents a patron saint
  • Town-wide celebration with decorations
  • Purpose: honoring Saint Ubaldo and other patron saints
Stage 12: Pietralunga to Gubbio
06024 Province of Perugia Italy
May 15

Occurs annually, May 15

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The Corso dei Ceri, or “Running of the Candles” is an annual event that takes place in the charming town of Gubbio, located in the Umbria region of Italy.

Celebrated on May 15th, this unique and exciting festival features a race with three towering wooden structures called Ceri, each representing a patron saint: Saint Ubaldo, Saint George, and Saint Anthony.

The Ceri, weighing around 400 kg and standing 5 meters tall, are carried by teams of men, called Ceraioli, who race through the streets of Gubbio and up Mount Ingino to the patron saint’s cathedral.

The event kicks off at 11:30 am with the Alzata dei Ceri, a thrilling moment when the Ceraioli lift the Ceri vertically. The race takes place in the afternoon, with the entire town participating and decorating the streets with flags and colors representing the different saints.

Event Schedule

11:30: Alzata dei Ceri (Elevation of the Ceri)
Afternoon: Ceri Race through the streets of Gubbio and up Mount Ingino


The Festa dei Ceri has a rich history, dating back to 1160 when it was first held to honor the patron saint of Gubbio, Saint Ubaldo.

The origins of the event could be traced back to pagan rituals, but the most popular story attributes it to the procession organized on the eve of Saint Ubaldo’s death.

Tradesmen would donate massive candles for the yearly pilgrimage, which has now evolved into the current Festa dei Ceri. The three Ceri represent different patron saints who protect various workers: Saint Ubaldo for bricklayers, Saint Anthony for farmers and students, and Saint George for mill workers.

The Festa dei Ceri has become the most important holiday in Gubbio and one of the most exciting events in Italy.