International Women's Day

Festa della Donna

National Holiday


  • Celebrating International Women’s Day
  • March 8th annual event
  • Free museum entry for women in Tuscany
  • Mimosa flowers symbolize support and sisterhood
Firenze, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy
March 8

Occurs annually, March 8


Festa della Donna, also known as International Women’s Day, is celebrated on March 8th annually in Italy, including Florence. This special day is dedicated to honoring women’s achievements and raising awareness about the ongoing struggles for equal rights and opportunities. Italians traditionally celebrate by giving women Mimosa flowers, symbolizing support and solidarity. In Italy, ladies can also enjoy free entrance to all state and civic museums in Tuscany on this day.

Florence plays a significant role in the celebration of International Women’s Day. As the largest city in Tuscany, it offers numerous state and civic museums with free entry for women on March 8th. Pilgrims visiting Florence during this time can experience the vibrant atmosphere and partake in the celebration of women’s achievements.


Festa della Donna traces its origins back to 1909 in the United States, where it was created to commemorate a tragic event involving women workers protesting for better working conditions. The event gained traction in Europe and was adopted by Italy in 1922. The tradition of giving Mimosa flowers began in 1946 when Italian activists Teresa Mattei and Rita Montagnana chose the affordable and accessible flower as a symbol of solidarity. Since then, the celebration has evolved to focus on women’s economic, political, and social achievements while advocating for progress and equality.