Spoleto Festival of the Two Worlds

Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto

Local Tradition


  • International music, art, and culture festival
  • Features concerts, opera, dance, and discussions
  • Annual event held in June-July
  • Showcases American and Italian cultural exchange
Stage 18: Poreta to Spoleto
Teatro Nuovo, Teatro Caio Melisso, Roman Theater, and more
06049 Spoleto, Province of Perugia, Italy

Occurs annually in June and July (dates vary)


The Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto, or Festival of the Two Worlds, is an international celebration of music, art, and culture held annually in the charming Italian town of Spoleto.

From June 23 to July 9, 2023, the festival will bring together artists and performers from around the world, showcasing the unique cultural exchange between American and Italian worlds.

Founded in 1958 by Italian-American composer Gian Carlo Menotti, the festival has grown to include a diverse range of performances, including concerts, opera, dance, drama, visual arts, and roundtable discussions on science.

With multiple venues throughout the town, such as Teatro Nuovo, Teatro Caio Melisso, and the Roman Theater, attendees can enjoy a variety of artistic experiences in stunning settings.


The festival was established by Gian Carlo Menotti in 1958 to bring together the artistic worlds of America and Europe. Over the years, it has attracted numerous renowned artists, such as Luciano Pavarotti, Tennessee Williams, and Rudolf Nureyev, to name just a few.

The event is deeply rooted in Spoleto’s cultural history, as the town itself offers a rich tapestry of artistic heritage. The festival’s venues, including the historic Teatro Nuovo and Teatro Caio Melisso, provide a captivating backdrop for the diverse range of performances that take place throughout the event.