La Cenavecchia

Local Tradition


  • Celebrated on the eve of Epiphany (January 5)
  • Children dress up as witches and perform
  • House-to-house singing and dancing
  • Ancient tradition fostering joy and love
Badia Prataglia, 52010 Poppi, Province of Arezzo, Italy
January 5

Occurs annually, on Jan 5, the eve of the Epiphany


La Cenavecchia is an ancient tradition celebrated on the eve of Epiphany (January 5) in the village of Badia Prataglia. It brings the community together, emphasizing spirituality and happiness.

On this special night, children dress up as witches, or “befani” and “befane,” and go from house to house, performing songs and dances.

They use improvised instruments, spreading joy and love throughout the village. As a reward for their performances, the children receive modest compensation from each family, which they then share among themselves.

This heartwarming event allows visitors to experience a unique cultural tradition that is deeply rooted in the local community.

Event Schedule

17:00: Children dressed as witches start going from house to house, performing songs and dances.


The folklore of Badia Prataglia originates from both popular and religious songs and rituals.

These ancient traditions continue to thrive today, deeply embedded in the culture of the village.

La Cenavecchia is one of the most important traditions, where children dress as witches and perform songs and dances.

The event is a way for the community to connect with their spiritual roots and celebrate happiness, love, and the arrival of the good season.

Other notable traditions in Badia Prataglia include Cantar Maggio, Festa dei Fochi, and Mangialonga.