Walk and Eat 5k


Local Tradition


  • Traditional Tuscan gastronomic walk
  • 10-stop food tasting journey
  • Beautiful scenery in Badia Prataglia
  • Limited to 1500 participants
Via Eden, 2, 52014 Badia Prataglia AR, Italy

First or second Saturday of August

Admission Fees:

€25 for adults, €12 for children


Mangialonga is a delightful gastronomic walk that takes place in the enchanting town of Badia Prataglia, Italy.

This unique event, held on the first or second Saturday of August, offers a 5-kilometer walking trail with 10 stops, allowing participants to taste traditional Tuscan dishes while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery of the surrounding forest.

The Mangialonga journey begins with a delicious aperitif of local cold cuts and bruschetta and continues with mouthwatering dishes such as potato tortelli, wild boar polenta, and grilled meat.

This special event is organized by the local community and residents of Badia Prataglia, with tickets priced at €25 for adults and €12 for children aged 0-12 years. Participation is limited to 1500 people, so booking in advance is highly recommended.

Event Schedule

18:00: Start of the 5-kilometer gastronomic walk with 10 food-tasting stops


Mangialonga was first introduced in 2000 by Mario Bigiarini, a visionary local who aimed to preserve and promote the unique culture of Badia Prataglia. Over the years, the event has become an immersive experience for travelers, allowing them to explore the local folklore, history, and traditions.

The walk itself is a celebration of the “Genius Loci,” the true essence of the town’s culture and way of life.

The Mangialonga route has evolved into an open-air museum that showcases the rich history and customs of the town’s inhabitants, who have lived in harmony with nature for centuries.

The event is a testament to the enduring legacy of Mario Bigiarini, who left a lasting impact on his beloved town.

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