National Holiday


  • Nationwide celebrations of summer and relaxation
  • Impacts transportation and businesses
  • Coincides with Assumption of Mary
  • Occurs annually on August 15th
All of Italy
Firenze Metropolitan City of Florence Italy
August 15

Occurs annually, August 15.

Many Italians take two-week vacations at this time. Many stores and businesses closed; check hours in advance


Ferragosto is a national celebration in Italy that takes place annually on August 15th.

With roots in ancient Rome, this event marks the end of the harvest season and has evolved into a time of relaxation and enjoyment.

Ferragosto coincides with the Catholic feast of the Assumption of Mary, but for most Italians, it’s simply a celebration of summer.

Across the country, there are outdoor picnics, parties, and festivals for everyone to enjoy.

During Ferragosto, public transportation operates on a festive schedule, and many businesses are closed, so it’s essential to check hours in advance for museums, monuments, and churches.

Each town and village along the Via di Francesco pilgrimage trail will have their own unique way of observing the holiday, but the spirit of relaxation and enjoyment is shared by all.


Ferragosto dates back to 18 BCE when Emperor Augustus introduced the Feriae Augusti, a festival to celebrate the end of the harvest season and provide a period of rest after intensive agricultural labor.

Over time, the Catholic Church moved the festivity to August 15th to coincide with the Assumption of Mary.

Mussolini also used Ferragosto to promote travel within Italy by offering discounted train tickets and encouraging people to visit cultural sites or the seaside.

Today, Ferragosto is a popular event that combines its ancient Roman roots, Catholic traditions, and the peak of Italy’s summer holiday season.

Italians enjoy a range of activities such as horse races, fireworks displays, church services, religious processions, and various performances in city squares.