Connect deeper in the footsteps of St Francis

Via di Francesco Firenze - La Verna

Via di Francesco Firenze - Roma Map

What is the Via di Francesco?

The Via di Francesco invites you on a pilgrimage – through history, through the sacred forests of Italy, to a deeper connection with yourself. What begins as a mysterious walk in the footsteps of St Francis promises the opportunity for your own transformation.

Where to begin, seasons and timing, budgeting and packing list.

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Where to Sleep? See special accommodations for pilgrims for each stage.

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How to request your official “Pilgrim Passport”.

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St Francis & Pilgrims

St Francis called for all of us to remain as pilgrims in this world. We welcome you pilgrims to explore the connections of St Francis and the explorations of your own heart.

The Casentinesi Forest

Casentinesi Forests National Park

These pristine forests provide the backdrop for pilgrims’ sacred experiences through the six Tuscan stages. We’re devoted to share and celebrate the nature as St Francis once did, so pilgrims may become its ambassadors and protectors. These forest stages are unlike any other on the Via di Francesco. 

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